SolPro Ltd. Sti.

SegmentENERGO Handelsindustrie GmbH - official distributor for russian federation

SolPro Turkish Producer for High Performance Elastomers

SegmentENERGO Handelsindustrie GmbH have based on the requirements of Russian manufacturers of the cable industry And together with the engineers – the technologists Solpro specially developed Compounds for the Russian market.

The SegmentENERGO Handelsindustrie GmbH delivers to Russia under the brand SEGMENT SE-INER and SE-INER We offer our customers peroxide, natural and ceramic silicone VMQ rubber compounds.

All our blends meet the highest standard.

The Management SolPro is an approved examiner for VDE Germany STANDARD!

With our compounds you are always on the safe side!

Standard materials:SEGMENT SE-INER-75-NT-10
Special materials:SE-INER-SPB-70-NT-10-10